designing the city at night


Innovadata Prize in the Category Visualization / BBVA-Fundación Civio

Grant for art research and production for visual artists and contemporary theory / Culture Department Catalan Government



20/02/2014 // BCNLab Event'14 / Fabra i Coats Link

07/01/2014 // Lecture Master Lighting Design UPC

29/11/2013 // Lecture ESARQ-UIC

21/11/2013 // Conference Telefonica I+D

26/09/2013 // I Work session Data Journalism Group / CCCB Barcelona Link

14/09/2013 // Lecture École Spéciale Architecture Paris

24/05/2013 // I Barcamp Data Journalism and Open Data Conference / CCCB Barcelona

16/04/2013 // II Barcamp Data Journalism / Medialab-Prado Madrid Link

11/04/2013 // Lecture on “Inhabiting Systems” cycle / Escola d’Arquitectura de Reus (URV)

22/03/2013 // Internauta interview / Vilaweb Barcelona Link

21/11/2012 // Conference Ecotendencies Session .Idea / CosmoCaixa Barcelona Link



Santamaria-Varas, Mar; Martinez-Diez, Pablo (2014). “Nocturnal Landscapes and Invisible networks”. In: Bihanic, David (Ed.) (2014) Data design. London: Springrer Verlag.

Santamaria-Varas, Mar; Martinez-Diez, Pablo (2014). “Cartografías de la ciudad nocturna a través del Big Data”. In: Obra Digital, issue 6

Santamaria, Mar; Martínez, Pablo (2012). “Atnight Visions through Data”. In: Mas Context, issue 15 Link




Nix, Markus (2013). Visual Simplexity: Die Darstellung großer Datenmengen. Frankfurt: Entwickler Press. ISBN 9783868020991 Link

Catalogue of the Exhibition Diagonal Verda (2013). DHUB Design Museum, Barcelona

Scientific publications

Quaderns d'Arquitectura i Urbanisme Link

Information aesthetics Link

Visual Loop Link

Urbansensing Link

Flowing city Link

Tectónica Blog Link

BarcelonaLab Link


BTV Notícies Link

Televisió de Catalunya Link

La Vanguardia Link

Businnes and technology

InnovaData Magazine ActiveBva Link


Mundo empresarial Link


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